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Team Volunteers

Team-supplied Volunteers

Volunteering is another wonderful way to give a bit of your time for great benefit to the kids! While judging is a 2-day commitment, volunteering can be as little as a 2-hour commitment, so it is more suitable if you are too busy to be a judge.The Silicon Valley region requires each team to designate at least one 2-hour tournament volunteer. There are always lots of jobs to be done at the tournament. 

If you are interested in volunteering for more than 2 hours please let us know. 

We have often found that high school students who are looking to fulfill community service requirements enjoy volunteering at our tournament all day or half day to collect service hours. If you know any high school students who would be interested please send them our way.  Volunteering is just a 2-hour commitment - either on the night before the tournament to help set-up, or on the day of the tournament to help run it. So, on tournament day, you WILL be able to watch your affiliated team perform. 

ALSO NOTE THAT ALL VOLUNTEERS SHOULD BE AT LEAST HIGH SCHOOL AGE OR ADULTS. To become an Odyssey of the Mind volunteer, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up using the Volunteer Registration  Link.
  2. When you receive an email from SignUp Genius notifying you that the Volunteer Schedule is available choose your job(s) and time slot(s).
  3. Show up on tournament day (or the night before), sign-in at the Sign-In/Info table prior to your shift. (Give yourself enough time to park and find your job site.) Have fun volunteering!includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.
  4. If you were trying to sign up for Judges Registration , please go here.

Volunteer Registration

Here is the link to sign up for volunteer positions.


Pre-Tournament Volunteer Positions

These jobs will be done in the week before the tournament.

  • Shopping at Costco from a given list and dropping off items in East Bay. You will be reimbursed when you drop off items.
  • Food prep—Pick up food in East Bay  and prep in your home the day before tournament.  Items brought to tournament. May include slicing bagels, washing lettuce or slicing fruit for salads, etc.
  • Workday in the East Bay.  Tasks include tee shirt sorting, organizing souvenirs for sale, sorting and filling boxes of supplies, sign and map making, etc.  


The school sites need to be prepared for the tournament.  Wear casual clothes as you will be moving tables and desks and setting up chairs.  There will be a table in front of Concord High School, where you will check in and be directed to a specific site.  If you finish in one area before your two hours are up, please report back to this front table for further assignment.  Please bring a flashlight if possible.

Register for Volunteer Job

SF Bay Odyssey of the Mind uses Sign Up Genius to organize the volunteers.   We endeavor to estimate the number and times of each job position based on the prior history, but we may need to ask you to move to a different job or time slot is we have too few volunteers.

Tournament Day Volunteer Positions


 This is the main table by the front of the school, just inside the main gate at Concord High, where all coaches check in and all volunteers check in before reporting to their specific sites.  Site for lost and found, answering questions, giving directions.  Information and procedures will be explained when you report. You will do the same to the volunteer who replaces you.


Report to Check–In table by the front of the school before reporting to site.  There is a special area in the parking lot for teams to drop off/pick up props.  You will monitor that traffic keeps moving in and out.


Report to Check–In table just inside main gate at Concord High before reporting to site. This position stands at the audience entrance to the assigned performance site.  As the timekeeper begins announcing each team, door monitor closes audience entrance and does not allow anyone to come in or go out during the performance.  After the performance, while the judges are talking with the team, open the audience entrance.  Keep open until next performance is announced.  This position does get to watch performances.  Do not leave until replaced.


Report to Check–In table just inside main gate at Concord High before reporting to site. All teams will do spontaneous in the 200 and 300 wings.  They will be checked in between the buildings. Next, report to the Spontaneous Check in table and you will be directed where to go.  These door monitors will assure teams are correctly routed through Spontaneous, to exit at the end of the 200 wing opposite the Administration Building and not allow anyone to enter the Spontaneous area.  


Report to Check–In table just inside main gate at Concord High before reporting to site. We provide a continental breakfast buffet and a full lunch for all officials (about 200 people).  You may be asked to:

  • set out food buffet 
  • take food to outlying sites
  • during lunch, fill in buffet
  • clean up after all have eaten

Note that judges check in at 7am for pre-competition meetings so breakfast will need be ready by 6:30am.  All leftover food and containers will need to be packed up and cleaned out of multi-use room by last shift.


Report to Check–In table just inside main gate at Concord High before reporting to site. There is a food sales table which is usually just outside the multi-use room.  Beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, water, soda) and snacks (donuts, bagels, muffins, chips, cookies, chips) are sold.  Price lists are supplied.  Monies should not be mixed with Souvenir Sales!  When you report to Food Sales, the person you are relieving should explain where things are and any procedures.  You will do the same to the person after you. Last shift of the day cleans up and packs up. 


Report to Check–In table just inside main gate at Concord High before reporting to site. Souvenirs are sold near the food sales. All items and price lists are provided.   The money should not be mixed with food sales money! Souvenirs are sold from mid-morning to about 5pm. When you check in, the person you are relieving should explain where things are and any procedures.  You will do the same to the person after you. Last shift of the day cleans up and packs up. 


Before each of two award ceremonies, tables need to be set up at one end of the large gym.  1st, 2nd, 3rd and primary ribbons need to be un-bagged and set out.  Help may be needed getting students lined up to process into the large gym from the assembly area.  After awards, clean up trash and discarded items, put tables, chairs away.  Please note that this job has the day free, but does go late.


We are guests of the school site and want to leave it cleaner than we found it.  You will police the site, making sure that all trash or discarded items are in or next to trash containers (school custodians will empty trash containers).  Any lost and found items should be delivered to the library. This is a good job if you only want to be on site for the awards ceremonies.


SF Bay Board Volunteer Postions

SF Bay Regional Board Volunteers

SFBAY Odyssey of the Mind is an all-volunteer organization. As such, every position is filled with dedicated volunteers who do it because they believe in it! If you are interested, please contact us at info@sfbayodysseyofthemind.org to inquire. 

We have the following volunteer positions:

  1. Regional Director (currently, Cameran Haire and Bruce Mackinlay)
  2. Problem 1 Captain (currently,Bruce Mackinlay and Lavanya)
  3. Problem 2 Captain (currently, Garwin Soe and Wendy Thomas)
  4. Problem 3 Captain (currently, Leslie Satin and Debbie Sedberry)
  5. Problem 4 Captain (currently, Jon Drogin and Ada)
  6. Problem 5 Captain (currently,Jeff and Judy Bartley)
  7. Spontaneous Problem Captain (currently, Erica Ruff)
  8. Primary Problem Captain (currently, Jenni Rhee and Karen Young)
  9. Tournament Director (currently, Cameran Haire)
  10. Score Room co-ordinator (currently, Niccy Shabib)
  11. Secretary (currently, Kat Loberg)
  12. Treasurer (currently,Wendy Thomas)
  13. Webmaster (currently, Cameran Haire)
  14. Hospitality co-ordinator (OPEN  led by Janis Dewar, with other volunteers)
  15. Public Relations (currently, OPEN)

In addition, we have a numerous  people that are volunteer Judges (non-affiliated with any team). We also have a number of tournament day volunteers (also, not affiliated).

WE NEED LOTS OF HELP TO KEEP THE ORGANIZATION GOING! Please consider volunteering for any of the above positions so we can continue the work of educating the children through this creative medium. THANKS TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!