Spontania-Mania Registration

This is a optional event provided by SF Bay Odyssey of the Mind to help train the team on how to solve Spontaneous problems.  Each team comes with an Spontaneous problems, including materials enough for 20 teams.   SF Bay provides 20 stations (one for each team).  

The teams then go to each stations to experience solving the spontaneous problem.

You can purchase books of Spontaneous problems from from the Odyssey of the Mind national web site HERE.  

We conduct a session for the Primary teams separate from the 3rd grade and above group.  Both are conducted at the same location with a sign ups for a designated session.

There are four sessions to choose from: 9-11am, 12-2pm, 3-5pm or 6-8pm.   Each session can have 20 teams.  Registration is first come - first served. 

There is a cost per team to cover cost of building rental. 

When you register, you MUST indicate the session you plan to attend AND a brief description of the problem your station will do and the space it needs (ie: table/chairs, 6’ x 6’ floor space, need a wall, etc.). This assures that we can  assign you to a station with adequate space. REGISTRATION CANNOT BE CONFIRMED WITHOUT THESE DETAILS!

To register, use this link: ( will be added in December)