Training Events

Support for the Odyssey Teams


Odyssey is a student focused organization, but is supported by adults who volunteer their time.  The SF Bay region provides training:

  1. Each team needs one or more Coaches.  Coaches "guide" the teams (but does not help solve the problem).  
  2. The team needs to recruit an adult to judge at the all day Tournament.  
  3. The team will also need to recruit a volunteer  to perform 2 hours of additional support. 

Coaches Training


Each year SF Bay provides three training sessions for Coaches.  The coaches can select one of:

  1. Three weekend sessions that  include New and Experienced Coaches. 
  2. An evening training for Experienced  Coaches.   

Locations, times and dates are announced on the Calendar page.  

You can register here:  Coaches Training Registration


Judge Registration


 Each team needs to recruit an adult (someone 18 or older) to judge at the Regional Tournament.  This is an all day commitment, and the adult will not be able to watch their team compete.    

Once recruited please use the link below to register your judge so we can make sure they are properly trained.

Judge Registration

Judges Training


SF Bay provides training sessions at two times for Judges, both on a Saturday.  A training session is split into a first session of training for New Judges, and second session for combining both both New and Experienced Judges.

Locations, times and dates will be announced on the Calendar page. 


Volunteer Registration


 Each team needs to recruit an adult (someone 18 or older) to volunteer two hours of their time supporting the Regional Tournament.  SF Bay Odyssey of the Mind Region is 100% volunteer run, from the regional directors though the team recruited volunteers.  We use Sign Up Genius to help us organize the volunteers.

Volunteer Job Descriptions.

Volunteer Registration



Each year SF Bay provides a location for the the team a to practice spontaneous problem solving.  Each team brings a spontaneous problem (along with materials for 20 teams).  Coaches run the problems, and the team members go around from problem to problem.

Cost is $10 per team.    If your team is interesting in participating in  Spontania-Mania please register below.

Spontania-Mania Registration